Tempting Fate

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Gabe saw the same vulnerability that had been there the night of the potluck streak across Raylene’s face. And damn it, it brought the protector out in him. No matter how much he tried to look at Raylene as an assignment, she got to him. And despite his better judgment, he pulled her over the seat into his lap.

“You’ll be fine, Ray.”

She straightened her spine. “Damned right I’ll be fine.”

He smiled because the woman was as stubborn as him—and as proud. So damn proud he couldn’t help but admire her. “That’s the old spirit.”

They sat there for a few seconds, her legs awkwardly splayed across the console, and it seemed like the best thing to do in that moment was kiss her. He cupped the back of her head, pulled her in, and claimed her mouth. That was the thing about Ray, she couldn’t resist a dare. And the kiss was definitely a dare.

I dare you to kiss me back.

And she did, long and slow…