Thanks for stopping by. Kick off your shoes, stay awhile, and have a look around. I write stories about small towns with larger-than-life characters and unforgettable heroes and heroines who I hope will take up a permanent place in your heart. There’s always something good cooking in my books (I used to be a food writer), usually a mystery or two, and lots of tender romance.

Right now I’m working on my new Dry Creek Ranch series about a cattle town in California’s Gold Country, where three hunky cowboys are about to meet their matches. Look for the first one in the summer of 2019. In the meantime, if you love small towns and big heroes check out my Nugget and Garner Brothers series. Both take place in the Sierra Nevada and feature close-knit mountain towns that help the lost and lonely find their way back to happiness . . . and love. I can’t wait to share these stories with you. Enjoy your visit and feel free to drop me a line. I love hearing from readers.



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Tempting Fate is here!

She wants to leave Nugget behind, he’s just made it his home. Sometimes love is worth throwing plans—and caution—to the wind . . .

Raylene Rosser is Nugget’s most infamous prodigal daughter. The townspeople aren’t exactly holding a welcome home parade when she returns, but that’s okay with Raylene—she’s only here to make amends for selfish mistakes, sell her property, and get out of town asap after her half-brother Logan’s wedding. Picturesque Nugget is her past, and Raylene is determined to build a future . . .

All of which would be easier if Logan hadn’t asked his business partner to keep an eye on her. A security specialist, Gabe Moretti certainly knows how to shadow a girl—and how to boss said girl around. It would be infuriating, if only Raylene could keep her eyes off Gabe’s broad chest, rugged profile, and sexy smile. Falling in love might not be the safe choice, but sometimes everyone needs to tempt fate . . . 



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12 Sweet Spicy Stories for a Good Cause! 

A labor of love from 12 amazing authors (including me). The collection is about a magical fruitcake that delivers more than fruits and nuts . . . it brings unsuspecting people together to fall in love. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and so much fun.

The best part is that 20 percent of the proceeds goes to Feeding America, a hunger relief charity. So it’s the book that keeps giving. Unfortunately, it will only be available for a limited time.