So today I got a voicemail from a professional sounding woman who gave me her name and asked me to call her to discuss Instagram and TikTok. My phone marked the message as possibly risky or spam. I deleted it and am not going to call her back. Has this happened to you before? Do you have any idea ...what the scam is?

Today, I sent my completed manuscript to my editor at Kensington Publishing Corp., so tomorrow when I wake up I can take a deep breath and roll over and go back to sleep. I can't tell you how good that feels. You guys are going to love this one.

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So I bought a new oven for our cabin when the old one gave up the ghost last weekend. It's a fancy induction one with large oven capacity, 6.2 cubic feet. But this is the weird thing, it only comes with two oven racks. I feel like every oven I've ever had came with three. Am I wrong about... this? How many racks do you have in your oven?

What a great time to pre-order I Love You More. It's 25% off at Barnes and Noble for either the print or digital version. That's some good savings. Barnes & Noble Kensington Pub

I'm excited to share the cover for I Love You More, releasing Feb. 6. Between now and then, I'll be posting excerpts from the book in my newsletter so be sure to sign up.

Here's the back blurb: In this thoughtful, intimate novel ...centered around a San Francisco family restaurant, two estranged sisters get a chance to rediscover their bond in the face of personal upheaval—if they can let go of the past and embrace new beginnings . . .

To an outsider, television morning anchor Tess Stone’s life looks like glossy perfection. Ambitious, beautiful, and married to a major league baseball player, Tess seems invincible—until an on-air catastrophe puts both her marriage and career in jeopardy. Retreating home to San Francisco from New York to take stock seems like the best move. But that involves a challenge of its own: confronting her sister, Avery.

Unlike Tess, Avery has pushed her own dreams aside in favor of running the family restaurant, Stones, dutifully adhering to her father’s unchanging menu of stick-to-your-ribs traditional fare. She has mixed feelings about her sister’s return. After all, Avery’s fiancé, Bennett, loved Tess first, and it’s impossible to shake her jealousy and dread—especially as Tess begins stealing attention left and right once more.

But while both sisters have been immersed in their own lives, their parents have been keeping secrets of their own. And the curveballs keep coming—throwing into question all their relationships, the restaurant’s future, and their long-held assumptions about love, family, and especially, each other . . .

Available for pre-order wherever books are sold.