Borrowing Trouble

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“I bought locks for all your windows and dead bolts for your doors. The security in this place stinks. So as a precaution, I’d like to install them tomorrow.”
“Brady, that was very thoughtful of you,” Sloane said, “but I’m perfectly adept at taking care of myself.”
“I have no doubt about that. But sometimes a man likes to feel useful. Humor me, would you?”
“Since I wouldn’t want to put a crimp in your manhood”—she tossed him a wicked smile—“then go ahead and get your tools out and do what you need to do.”
“Yeah?” Brady leaned over to kiss her. Just something quick and sweet in case he’d misunderstood.
But when she opened her mouth for him and slipped her arms around his neck, he went all in.
It was a supremely bad idea, but he couldn’t help himself . . .