Love You

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Someone was breathing on Win Garner’s neck. Warm puffs of air that felt like dog’s breath. Lucy or Ricky? Nah, the two Labrador retrievers lived with his parents. He racked his brain to remember if he’d brought someone home. Maybe that brunette he’d played darts with at Old Glory. Nope. He didn’t do that anymore.  

He rolled to the other side of the bed and in his half-asleep state, chalked the sensation up to a drafty apartment. Or a dream. Or a ghost. He didn’t really care which one because according to his internal clock, he was still on snooze control.

Then it happened again. A soft little tickle across his cheek. He swatted it away and rolled onto his stomach. This time he felt the mattress dip and something brush against his arm. Something warm and distinctly human. The realization startled him awake and he jolted upright.

“What the hell?” He reached for the lamp, thinking once he turned it on he could use it as a weapon. Bad idea because he didn’t have a lamp or anything that could be used as a weapon, except a baseball bat, which he kept with his sports gear. And his sports gear was scattered all over his puny apartment, which meant it was probably within arm’s reach. Somewhere. 

“Shush,” someone said in the dark. “It’s just me.”

He searched his memory for “me” and came up empty. But “me” was definitely female. Soft, round, and very good-smelling. Six months ago, it wouldn’t have been too unusual having a strange woman crawl into his bed in the middle of the night. But Win was on the wagon from anything that was bad for him, which included hookups of any variety. Been there, done that, nearly had the shotgun wedding to prove it.

“Who’s me?” he asked as the fog began to clear and his brain began to sharpen.


Darcy? He hadn’t met a Darcy that night. The brunette had been an Ida. He remembered because the name was unusual for someone in her thirties. And she’d kicked his ass in eight ball, which was also unusual. The only Darcy he knew was the receptionist at his family’s extreme sports company, Garner Adventure.

“Darcy Wallace?” he asked tentatively because if she was here someone he cared about was in the hospital. Darcy and Win’s brother, TJ, made the trains run on time at GA. This also entailed notifying the rest of the family whenever an emergency came up. And in the adventure business they came up a lot.

When she didn’t answer, he swung his legs off the bed and stumbled in the dark to the light switch.

Holy shit!

Darcy Wallace lay in his bed in a fire-engine red lace teddy, spiked heels, and nothing else. Her breasts were spilling out of the cups of the lingerie and her blond hair curled around her shoulders in a style reminiscent of every high school girl’s senior yearbook photo.

Whoa, not the Darcy he knew. Not even close.