New Website Launches

Posted Oct 26 2015, 12:01 am

Welcome to my new website. Be the first to comment and I’ll send you an advance digital copy of Getting Lucky, the fifth book in My Nugget series.



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  1. Diane Blaser says:

    You new site is awesome Stacy! Congratulations!

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    • http://www./ says:

      Flotte gensere, stilige detaljer pÃ¥ den grønne! Likte den grønne genseren spesielt godt, ser de fleste andre her ogsÃ¥ har "falt i staver"! 😉 Huff, badevekt…mÃ¥ vi ha det?? NÃ¥ sitter jeg her og lurer pÃ¥ om det kommer et novemberdikt fra deg, Tove!? 🙂

    • I have boys and girls. If boys playing with guns and dolls is your worst problem, you’re doing pretty well. I’ve found that my boys are wired differently from my girls, but also from each other. One son is enamored with vehicles, another with computer games, and another with guns and bows and arrows. They all seem relatively well-adjusted. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    • Doutor Milhazes,vi numa notícia de rodapé no "Jornal da Uma" da TVI que a Timoshenko está presa em prisão domiciliária.Consegue confirmar esta informação?

    • http://www./ says:

      I must agree with Sean. Also there are so many Internet Marketers giving away free stuff that I have almost stopped reading those offers (free stuff). Maybe I am growing tired of just ending up on everyone’s list and their “free gift” lacking any real value. I think it’s time for a new method of promotion.Have a great day!Wayne

  2. pam podger says:

    I love this site, especially how the boots jut out of the banner.

  3. Stacy Finz says:

    Ok, I’m just trying this out for fun. I don’t get to win a copy of my own book so the field is still wide open. Don’t be shy, just say hi.

  4. laura finz says:

    Love this new website. It is very easy to navigate and has lots of fun graphics.

  5. Jenny Randalll says:

    Love this new website! You are rocking it girl.


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